How can I help my child at home?

Talk about what good readers do with your child:

Good readers read with two voices . . . they decode the words with their reading voice and they make meaning of the words with their thinking voice in their head.

Encourage your child to read the text in small chunks.

Stop after a few paragraphs and reflect or comment on the text.

Ask your child questions throughout the reading and allow them to ask you questions.

Encourage your child to read familiar text to practice phrasing and intonation.

Read to your child and model good reading and thinking!

Generate a Discussion with Your Child:

Stop throughout your reading and respond with one of the following phrases:

I wonder . . .

I think . . .

I noticed . . .

When __________________ happened, it reminded me of when ___________________.

I was picturing _______________________ in my mind when I read this part of the story.

You may want to ask your child specific questions throughout the passage to help your child reflect on his or her reading.

What was the most important event in this section of the reading? Why are you thinking this?

How do you think the story would have been different if it would have taken place in a different setting?

What is the theme or message in the story?

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