Reading Tips

The most important tip....


Choose Books That Are At An Appropriate Reading Level For Your Child

  • Use the five finger rule.  Open the book to any page and ask your child to read.

    • Stumbles over or does not know more than 5 words= too hard

    • Reads quickly at a rapid pace with no difficulty= too easy

    • Reads at a steady pace, can sound out tricky words= just right

  • Choose books that match your childÅ› likes and interests

  • Show and model the importance of reading!

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Reading is Thinking!!

Ask Questions!

Before Reading

*What story clues are in the title and the pictures?

*Is this story fiction or make non-fiction? How do I know?

*If this text is non-fiction, what will I learn?

*What will the main character need or want?

*Why do I want to read this story?

*How do I picture the setting?


During Reading

*What will happen next in the story?

*How do I feel about the main character?

*Why does the character act or feel a certain way?

*Does the story or text make sense?

*How will the story most likely end?  What makes you think this?

*How does the story or text remind me of life?


After Reading

*What do I like or dislike about the story?

*How did the story or text make me feel?

*What is the most important event or part of this story?

*How has my feelings about the character change?  How has the character changed?

*What have I learned by reading this selection?